Urban Bike Family is designed for urban transportation to commute to work or daily to-dos. The riding posture of the city urban bikeis relatively straight to cope with the busy urban traffic environment and providea more comfortable riding. The bikes are equipped with practical and safety equipment, e.g. cargo racks, storage boxes, fenders, front lights, and rear warning lights for adapting the changing riding environment. Due to the electric assistance, you can also cover greater distances without mentionable physical effort, so you can arrive at the first morning meeting even in a suit or costume in top shape. 


The torquey engines combined with the performance of the cyclist provide an experience unprecedented in mountain biking: you can pedal up rough terrains in a sporty yet convenient manner and reach heights you haven’t been before, or have but with great effort. Our mountain e-bikes are designed to keep going thousands of kilometres with an engine specially designed for this segment, the essence of which is high performance and power. It supports performance harmoniously, be it an uphill climb or a flat ground. Long distances can be covered thanks to the greater capacity batteries. 



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